Xi Chuan in Seattle



Poets Xi Chuan and Zhou Zan were in Seattle on September 29.  They were reading at the Seattle Asian Art Museum, first iteration of a multi-city tour including Chicago, New York, Washington.  Prior to these major cities, though, they will visit Port Townsend, a small town near Seattle that is also home of the Copper Canyon Press, publisher of the anthology Push Open the Window which Xi and Zhou will be promoting.


Below, Xi Chuan outside the Monsoon Cafe, Seattle.  I told him I wanted a shot of him smoking in Seattle, something increasingly subversive on the West Coast of the United States.  He opted to hide the cigarette.  入境随俗,I guess.



One thought on “Xi Chuan in Seattle

  1. Lucas Klein says:

    I’ve linked to this post from my post of the same picture at http://xichuanpoetry.com/?p=17. If so inclined, you could circulate between these two posts of the same picture ad infinitum.

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