Seattle Art Fair with Lv De’an 吕德安

Lv De'an at Seattle Art Fair

At Seattle Art Fair in front of work “No. 16193” by Wei Jia (韦佳).

A few days ago with Lv De’an at Seattle Art Fair. I find it great to visit such events with artists as they tend to have a different approach to looking at things. Firstly — and this is a bit of a generalization — they move either very quickly, or very slowly. In one case, a 1956 Sam Francis canvas “Composition,” we had to pass by a number of times:


In other cases, he just walks right by, as in the following rather (I thought) intriguing work by Lin Yan (林延) entitled “Brighter Clouds #1 (2008):




All in all, it seems Lv felt the Fair was overly commercialized, which is to say targeted at people who don’t want to be too challenged by what they purchase (even if, or is that particularly if, they put a few hundred thousand towards the purchase). This apparently was strategic on the part of gallerists represented at the event, as this year has been reported to be Seattle Art Fair’s most successful iteration–its third year running. And this is not to say that some of the more decorative works did not also serve to capture our full attention, as in Jaume Plensa’s well-known “Chloe in Barcelona” (2014), a pleasing but powerful work:


On my side, and following mostly the Chinese artists represented in the show, I was most impressed by works by Wang Tiande (王天德), Houshan Revolve, 2016. Though this kind of xuan paper, palimpsest is certainly nothing new, his texture is so rich I found myself flat out captivated:



Now really looking forward to next year, by which time I expect the event will only be stronger, if perhaps no less commercially oriented. Hope I can drag Lv along again.




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